The Manconi winery

Manconi winery

The vine industry of the Manconi winery is located in the center of northern Sardinia and exactly in the province of Sassari in the municipality of Tempio Pausania. The company was founded in 2014 with a family-run business, following the tradition of the owner’s father, then composed of four hectares of vineyards. In generational rotation, the company continuously increases its vineyard area and its production, with a continuous search of high quality and maximum territorial expression.

Since its origins, the company has followed the Biologic disciplinary.

The irrefutable basic idea of ​​the Manconi winery is that the quality of the wine is determined first  in the vineyard and the company philosophy pursues the search of the quality, with the main objective of transmitting the characteristics and  the philosophy of our land to the consumer. The vineyards from which the grapes come from (about 4 ha all owned) are located in the heart of Gallura and precisely in the municipality, already known for its winemaking vocation, of Tempio Pausania at an altitude of about 600 m above sea level. The sunny soils are granite and sandy in nature which allow to obtain low productions but of high quality.

The production of our wines is personally supervised by the property, under the advice of the oenologist Andrea Pala, always looking for higher quality and new winemaking techniques.

vino rosso di gallura
manconi vini

Tempio Pausania

Tempio Pausania is a medieval town located about 600 meters above sea level, not far from the jagged and picturesque coasts of northern Sardinia and behind it, stands Mount Limbara, a granite massif whose highest peak reaches around 1360 meters.

It is the typicality of the granite that gives at our wines typical colors and scents and it is no coincidence that our cellar is set among these natural rocks, surrounded by nature and silence among old oaks, the scents of the Mediterranean bush and primarily vineyards.

The recently built cellar was born from the desire to make a dream of an ancient tradition of three generations of vine growers who have always used an exclusively biologic type of processing, with the aim of preserving the old vineyards with their indigenous varieties and to plant new and international ones in order to create new wines from bouquets of original flavors and aromas that characterize our production.

To date, the production is between 15,000 / 20,000 bottles. The wines of the Cantiona Manconi can be purchased at our winery.