The vineyards

A story of passion

The vineyards of the Manconi winery constitute the soul of all the production.

The processing is carried out in two different ways:

The first method continues the family’s tradition and is applied in the old vineyard. In this part the master is the Caricagiola, an autochthonous Sardinian grape, characteristic of Tempio and its surroundings. In addition, in the same portion of the vineyard, there are 15 ancient grape varieties characteristics of our territory. This sapling vineyard has a very limited production (2/3 fruit clusters per plant), but allows us to obtain our Pitrinu.

The second method is applied in the new vineyards. They follow a more recent processing with different prunings (Guyot and spurred cordon) with a definitely higher yield, where the cultivated varieties are Sangiovese, Merlot and Shiraz.

This variety of grapes and processes allow us to obtain our fine wines that blend tradition and novelty in them for a superior product.

The Manconi winery is a family-run company managed by the owners and an Enologist Dr. Andrea Pala, currently national president of the Assoenologi Giovani Association.


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