The philosophy

Tradition and respect

Tradition, continuity and passion, three words that enclose the character of our wines. The philosophy of the Manconi winery is based on a passion that has been handed down for several generations. In 1968 the founder Pietrino Manconi undertook in the countryside of Tempio Pausania, among the granites and typical oaks of upper Gallura, an own production still carried out by the family.

Our vineyards, all located in the countryside of the Gallura, are about 4 hectares all owned, from which our grapes come from. The vineyards of the Nicola Manconi winery have always followed a biologic process, in full respect of the cycles of nature, so much so that the Manconi winery is an exclusively biologic company.

The Manconi family directly follows all steps of production, from the cultivation of the vine to the bottling, with great dedication and desire to produce fine wines.

The objectives are to grow more and more, to reach a better quality, not forgetting the old traditions, but with a look at the new winemaking techniques. We employ serious and scrupulous professionals who allow us to keep intact the quality of our wines.